Upgrade to First Class with a Padded Wall Headboard


The Most Important Room in Your Life.


Did you know you will spend about 26 years of your life in bed asleep? Interesting fact isn’t it, but chances are you’ve probably heard that somewhere before. What most people don’t know is that you will also spend about another 7 years on top of that actually trying to get to sleep!

A recent study also found out that you will spend about 117 days of your life having… Lets say “intimate time in bed with your partner”.

We’re not sure if that is included in the 7 years trying to get to sleep, but the point remains – over the course of your life you are going to be spending a whole lot of time in bed. If you’re spending all that time in bed, then why settle for a second class experience? With a bespoke upholstered or padded wall in your bedroom, you’ll never want to leave first class again.


Don’t Settle for Ordinary.

  What do you see and feel when you take a seat inside any luxury car – perfectly upholstered, beautifully seamed interior that screams class. Once you’ve sat in it you aren’t going back to mottled slabs of grey plastic and dull trim. I can assure you, that once you’ve experienced a bedroom of this same calibre you will never be going back to the world of flat packed boredom and copy, pasted design either.

Padded walls offer you the ability to be in control of your own unique brand of luxury design. Combined with a bespoke bed and used as a headboard we can help you take your bedroom to the next level.

Whether your taste is floor to ceiling pillars of cream leather or a Piet Mondrian-esque wall of satin, we can bring your dreams to life. You might be craving that modern whole wall look or maybe even just a single panel of buttoned Chesterfield style leather behind your real oak four poster. Whatever your needs we will always use the highest quality fabrics and upholstery methods. We don’t just make sure your product look luxury – we ensure it is luxury.

It isn’t just the look of your bedroom that will be upgraded when you opt for a padded wall and bed though. Padded walls are an incredible acoustic dampener. You’ve probably seen big slabs of spikey black foam stuck to the walls of music rooms or recording studios.

This is because soft spongy materials absorb and trap sound instead of bouncing it around, like a hard flat wall does. By installing padded walls and furniture in your bedroom you won’t just see the difference. You will hear it (or rather not) when you go to bed and feel it when you wake up from the soundest sleep imaginable. And if not, it at least might stop the neighbours listening in to some of the 117 days you spend… Well you know…


Make the Change.


So by now we’re going to assume you’ve made the right choice and decided on upping your bedroom game, but if you’re still having doubts here’s a few commonly asked questions we get to set your mind at ease:

Is there a minimum size requirement?

There’s no minimum size requirement. Whatever you need, we can make it work.

Do you have to have a custom bed with any padded wall headboards?

You don’t need a custom bed, but we think they look absolutely fantastic and can really help tie the pieces together. If you choose not to go for a custom bed but understandably regret this decision down the line, we will always be more than happy to come back and make it work.

Are they easy to care for?

Depending on what materials you choose for your bespoke wall, bed or headboard then the maintenance and care will differ. As with all luxury products though, regular upkeep is essential to keep it looking at its absolute best. We will always use the highest quality materials in order to ensure that with the right care your product will withstand the test of time.

Once they’re installed are they permanent?

If you’re anything like us you move with the times and so will your interior design choices. This is why our installation process ensures that all products are able to removed with the absolute minimum amount of disruption to your property. Smaller or more lightweight padded walls can even be installed with Velcro strips.

Will it cost as much as a Bentley to make my bedroom look like the inside of one?

As with all bespoke products, costs will vary from one padded wall to the next depending on size, materials, furniture inclusion etc. However, we’d like to reassure you that our clients are almost always surprised at just how affordable this level of bespoke luxury can be. So get in touch and take the first step towards the bedroom of your dreams!

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