Padded Wall Cinemas


The Pitch


The year is 2021. A deadly virus sweeps the globe. Panic in the streets with no end in sight, Only one person can save us… As much as this could be – it isn’t actually a bad tagline for a 1980s sci-fi future flick. If it were, we’d definitely be casting Arnold Schwarzenegger to play the part of our home cinema padded walls. Sexy, strong and charismatic – he’s got what it takes to play the part perfectly.

But, in reality no amount of bullets or explosions are getting us through this pandemic – so we’ve got to look for other options. Thankfully for us there’s already a new superhero team in town. They’re called “The Streamers” and some of their better known members include Netflix, Prime, YouTube and Disney+. These guys have been singlehandedly keeping the world from going insane for about a year now and it doesn’t look like they’re going to get to retire any time soon.

As a result, more and more people are turning towards dedicated cinema rooms or even just upgrading their living rooms to bring the big screen to home. Massive TV’s, 4K projectors, 5.1 surround sound with dedicated subwoofers and ambient lighting systems. People are beginning to realise they can have the cinema quality picture and sound at home without the sticky floors and snorty laughter two rows back.


Setting the Scene for Your New Big Screen.


You might be thinking that home cinemas are only for multi-million-pound mansions tucked away in gated estates somewhere. This could not be further from the truth however.

In fact, most home cinemas are made in converted spare rooms or offices. Smaller, box shaped rooms with poor natural lighting and low ceilings actually lend themselves far better to becoming home cinemas than big breezy spaces. Not only do smaller rooms increase the impact of a bigger screen, they are also far easier to control the acoustics in. And this is where we get introduced to the story.

Whilst we might not be the main star of this particular film, we are most definitely the Robin to the streaming service’s Batman.
When you go to the cinema (or rather when you could), you’ll probably have noticed the soft squidgy chairs, the carpet underfoot, the long draping curtains. If you have an even keener eye you might have even noticed the panelling on the walls. These things aren’t just comfort measures or for decoration. All of these play a crucial role on the quality of the sound you experience whilst watching the film. Soft foamy materials and fabrics act as acoustic absorbers. This means that they will stop the sound from bouncing back around the room and creating an echo. Without this in rooms as large as cinema screens, this would make hearing a movie almost impossible.


Amplify Your Acoustics.


With ever more powerful sound systems being installed in homes, people are starting to pay more attention to sound. The only downside to this however, is that whilst you might love watching Arnie all oiled up and blowing up the bad guys again and again, your neighbours or partner in the room next-door might not.

Luckily for everyone involved, installing a padded wall system in your own cinema or living room can ensure that you get to hear “I’ll be back” how it was intended to be heard and those next-door can finish the final episode of Bake Off in peace. At Morgan Wise our typical wall installations don’t use soundproofing foam, but this is something that is most certainly available on request. Whilst you still without a doubt notice a difference acoustically with our standard foam composition, we highly recommend soundproofing foam for the ultimate cinema room eargasm.

Design that Matters to You.



What you’ll also be pleased to hear is that you don’t need to cover a room in your house from floor to ceiling in spikey black acoustic foam (unless that’s your kink) to achieve these results.

At Morgan Wise we can offer you an entirely bespoke design process to suit whatever particular look you’re going for. You would usually find darker colour palettes and tones used in home cinema rooms. This is because darker tones lend themselves well to keeping your eyes fixed on the screen.

We know you as our customers are an individual however. You might be a traditionalist after the classic crushed burgundy velvet look to finally justify those golden rope curtain ties. You might be after ultra-modern slabs of clear-cut stone grey with backlight LED mood lighting. You may even fancy Get Him to the Greek Inspired “furry walls” to stroke. No matter what your stylistic choices, our team will always work with you to ensure that your padded wall décor looks so good that you won’t be sure if guest are jaw dropped at the film on screen or your new look!




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