Ignite Musical Imagination with Artistic Acoustic Panelling.


Is your music studio inspiring the wrong kind of blues? It’s time we put a stop to creativity crushing acoustic panelling!

  Music studios are where some of the most imaginative, creative, innovative people on the planet spend their entire lives. So, we think it’s about time that music studio décor visually matched the level of artistic beauty that is produced audibly within them. Whether you are kitting out a new commercial recording studio or converting your home office into one, our entirely bespoke acoustic wall panels might just be the solution you need to make your studio look as harmoniously beautiful (or as daringly loud), as the sounds you produce.


The Rise of the Bedroom Best-Seller!


It’s incredibly rare for a musician to turn up to a studio and just summon inspiration out of thin air. While all musicians and artists find inspiration in different ways or places, so many superstars readily admit to laying down the building blocks for their greatest works from the comfort of their own homes. In fact, some of the greatest albums of all time, like Nebraska by Bruce Springsteen and Exile on Main Street by The Rolling Stones, were recorded in home studios. If old-school rock and roll isn’t your thing, then a more recent example is Billie Eilish’s first hit album “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”. This album was written, performed and then produced by her brother in a bedroom in their family home. With the availability of cheap, easy to use and effective recording equipment and programs, more and more musicians and songwriters are starting to turn towards home studios to record their music. So, the only real concerning question is – how much are you willing to annoy the people next door?


Acoustic Insulation – How Not to Annoy the Neighbours (Too Much)


This is where acoustically insulating your studio space can help. When most people think of acoustic insulation or acoustic panelling, they instantly imagine huge slabs of spikey black foam, stuck to the walls. These foam panels act like acoustic insulators. This means that they trap the sound and stop it from echoing around the room. This both lowers the overall volume, as well as creating better clarity of sound. So, for home studios, in particular, you not only get the benefit of better sound control and regulation, but it also helps lower the level of annoyance for your neighbours! We understand that they should be grateful for the free show – but some people aren’t always as appreciative as we are… It must be said, however, that no matter how good the acoustic insulation, you are very unlikely to fully soundproof your studio with panelling alone. So, you might still have to be kind and turn the volume down from 11 (occasionally).


Keep the Customers Coming Back to Your Recording Studio!


If you’re looking for a luxury option to fit out a commercial recording studio, Morgan Hugo can provide this as well. We know that depending on the setup of your commercial studio, your needs may be slightly different in terms of acoustics, but these are all things that can be discussed in depth with our expert team. From a design perspective, customised acoustic wall panelling is a great way to create the right kind of atmosphere and environment that you are after in your recording studio and is another way to really help you stand out from the crowd. Another advantage of acoustic panelling is the ease with which it can be both installed and taken down. If you’re fitting out a commercial studio, this is one particular benefit that you can really leverage. As you’re probably already aware, different recording artists will have different setups and sound requirements, meaning acoustic’s can and will be needed to be moved around the studio. If fixing flexibility, and repositioning is a feature you will need, then once again, it can all be discussed with our expert designers who are always more than happy and willing to help!

Don’t Compromise on Design!


So, we most likely agree by now that acoustic insulation in your home studio is practical – yes. But the traditional black egg carton foam is not the kindest on the eyes. You don’t have to be an interior design expert to realise it’s exceedingly difficult to blend it into any sort of design motif you might have going on. Unless you’re really into that kind of thing – no judgements here. But the good news for those of us who aren’t is that acoustic panelling has evolved just as much as music production. Our acoustic wall panels can be fully customised in line with whatever design you choose. In the exact same way that all our other padded wall products can be tailored to your preferences, our acoustic panels can also be customised in a variety of shapes, sizes, thicknesses and styles. All of these are entirely dependent on your own preferences or the needs for your studio acoustics. What that means is, you can achieve the same benefits of acoustically insulating your studio necessary for your music production, without having to compromise on the look and feel of it. And as a result, you can perform, create and work your magic in an all-around more inspiring environment, whether you find yourself in a home or commercial studio.